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Texas ‘Second Chance’ Law Opens Doors for Job Opportunities


ROCKWALL, TEXAS — Attorney Ashley L. Anderson is on a mission to help Texans shield first-time criminal convictions, such as driving while intoxicated (DWI), as a result of the Texas Legislature passing House Bill 3016 also known as the ‘Second Chance’ law. The new law enables first-time DWI offenders to seal criminal records from public view including potential employers.

“This is a significant reform to our criminal justice system,” said North Texas attorney Ashley L. Anderson. “Sealing a criminal record opens doors and new job opportunities for people who made a one-time mistake. The likelihood of securing employment exponentially increases when you do not have to disclose a DWI conviction on job applications.”

A study recently conducted by Arizona State University found that applicants with criminal histories were the least likely to be hired.

The ‘Second Chance’ law is retroactive, but petitioners must meet strict criteria. Only first-time offenders with low-level, non-violent criminal histories can apply. For a DWI offense to be eligible, blood alcohol content must be at .14 or less, and no accidents or injuries can be involved. Also, offenders must have completed all court requirements and orders. Petitioners should consult with an experienced attorney to determine their eligibility under the new law.

“Once someone has made amends and paid their debt to society for a first-time, non-violent offense, they deserve the second chance that this new law provides,” said Ms. Anderson.

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