Rockwall DWI Defense Attorney

Ashley grew up in the North Texas area and has strong family ties to East Texas, as well. Having been a former prosecutor in both Rockwall and Dallas counties, and appointed as a Special Prosecutor in Hunt and Collin Counties, Ashley has the experience you need to help you answer your biggest questions, such as:

  •  “What are my legal rights?”
  •  “Were any of those rights violated?”
  •  And especially, “What are my chances to win the case?”

“Knowledge is Power.”
– Sir Francis Bacon


You want a complete analysis from someone with knowledge regarding the law, the facts of your case, and the community in which your case is to be tried to make the most educated decision on how to proceed with your case. It is important to hire a Rockwall DWI defense attorney who has local experience and can properly advise you. She is currently serving Rockwall, Greenville, Forney, Plano and Dallas County.

Ashley is not only a local attorney, but she focuses her practice on DWIs.

Why does Ashley focus primarily on DWIs? DWI is one of the only charges where the average citizen juror can put themselves in the shoes of the person being charged. Therefore, you need an attorney with local knowledge to help you obtain the best outcome. Also, Ashley focuses on DWI representation because DWI cases are unique and have complexities that not all other criminal charges have.

For example, to get the best result, you need to hire a DWI attorney with experience with such things as:

  • Administrative License Revocation hearings
  • NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Tests
  • The preliminary breath test
  • The breath test machine
  • Search warrants for blood draws
  • How to question a Drug Recognition Expert
  • The Interlock device
  • The SCRAM device
  • GPS-Monitoring
It is imperative to hire an attorney who focuses her time and experience in this ever-changing area of the law. From her experience as a former prosecutor to continuing DWI-specific education to her memberships in local, state, and national DWI defense organizations, Ashley works to make sure she is on the cutting edge of DWI defense.

When hiring an attorney, it is important to find an attorney that cares for your case as much as you do. When you are facing charges as serious as a DWI, the most important thing an attorney can do is be available and responsive to answer your questions when needed. When hired, Ashley is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure you have the best means of communicating with her throughout the process and as your questions arise. Ashley strives to make sure each client understands the process and is secure in the representation that they are getting.