For DWI cases, Flat Rate Pricing**, Payment Plans Available.

Why does Ashley do it this way?

  •  This is most fair to you, the client.
  •  If, for example, an attorney charges one fee for a plea and an additional fee for a hearing or trial and the client is unable to come up with the additional money needed for trial, then the attorney may push for the client to plea the case when it is not actually in the client’s best interest to do so.

Under Ashley’s DWI model, Flat Rate Pricing includes:

  •         Assistance with Bond Conditions
  •         ALR Hearing (if contacted timely)
  •         All Plea and Announcement Settings
  •         Motion to Suppress Hearing (if applicable)
  •         And the Trial (Judge or Jury)

**Flat rate pricing does not include all filing costs, and investigator and expert witness costs (if needed)

All other non-DWI criminal charges, Ashley handles the fee on a case-by-case basis. Remember, with Ashley as your attorney, you can always set up a Payment Plan.