Open Container

Open Container

If you are stopped with an Open Container in your vehicle and suspected of Driving While Intoxicated, you could be facing increased penalties.

Also, an Open Container in plain view can give the police the legal right to search your vehicle.

If you receive an Open Container ticket, it is important to hire an attorney who can help keep that off your record.

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Wonderful attorney

“I got myself into a little trouble, actually…pretty serious trouble. I got a 3rd DWI, which is a Felony in Texas. Ms. Anderson listened to my concerns and she carefully reviewed every aspect of the case. After everything, she was able to get this reduced to a Misdemeanor. Unlike a lot of attorneys, Ms. Anderson is very sympathetic as well as empathetic. She is also extremely competent and tenacious, which is something you need in cases such as mine. I highly recommend her to anyone who is going through a tough time in their life and needs legal assistance.”

-Previous Client, June 2020, via