Driver's License Issues

Driver’s License Issues

If your driver’s license or driving privileges have been suspended, or if you have been charged with Driving with an Invalid License, it is not a lost cause. Ashley has helped numerous clients get their driver’s license reinstated.

Also, if you do not currently qualify to get your driver’s license reinstated, you may be eligible for an Occupational Driver’s License, an Essential Needs Driver’s License, or a Restricted Driver’s License.

An Occupational Driver’s License is an order signed by a Judge allowing you to drive even though your driving privileges may be currently suspended. An Occupational Driver’s primarily allows you to drive for the purposes of employment.

An Essential Needs License is also an order by a Judge allowing you to drive while your driver’s license is suspended. With an Essential Needs License, you can drive for purposes of taking care of and providing for your family.

A Restricted License is an order signed by the Judge to allow you to drive while your license is suspended but requires you to follow certain requirements by the Judge and/ or DPS to drive. For example, one of those requirements may be that you have an Interlock or Deep Lung Machine installed on your vehicle prior to being eligible to drive.

If you are having issues with your driver’s license,  contact Ashley L. Anderson today at 214-668-4670 to discuss your case.  She can help determine which license you may be eligible for.    

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She got my felony dropped to a misdemeanor! My probabtion offer said he has never seen that in all the years he’s worked! She always answers within a reasonable time! Definitely recommend!! 

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