Drug or Marijuana Possession

Drug/ Marijuana Possession

With marijuana and drug possession cases, it’s important to hire an attorney that is up-to-date on the current laws. One that has experience and knows the ins and outs about legal traffic stops, drug dogs, open air sniffs, searches of vehicles, searches of homes, search warrants and testing of narcotics. Ashley is experienced in challenging the police in all these matters.

THC oil, Dab pens, and edibles have become a big issue in the State of Texas. Many people will purchase these items in another state where it is legal and then bring it home. You must be careful in Texas. In Texas, the level of charge for drugs, marijuana and THC are based on the amount and with edibles and some THC products the lab is unable to separate the THC from the rest of the ingredients. For example, it is not uncommon for someone to bring a brownie or even a THC-laced beverage or other product home from Colorado and get charged with a Second Degree Felony in the State of Texas.

Also, if punishment becomes an issue for your drug and marijuana case, the punishment options can vary greatly from county to county.

You need an attorney who knows which counties are offering conditional dismissal or pretrial diversion programs, which counties are not prosecuting marijuana cases and which counties are still going forward with prosecution.

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Best Attorney I’ve Ever Hired

“Last year I was arrested for possession of Marijuana under two ounces. I was kinda in a rough situation because I was on deferred adjudication probation for the same charge in a different county and I was facing a motion to revoke as well. At this point I had two cases against me and odds were not looking so great in my favor. I called around several law offices and spoke with many different people that gave me varied information. {…} The final attorney I contacted was Ashley. Unlike most offices that I called, I called the number to her direct cell phone line and I was able to actually do a consultation over the phone with an actual attorney. {…} Ashley made the whole process a breeze and she actually cared about how my day was going and how my case was panning out. She is definitely the nicest most professional attorney I’ve ever consulted with and hired and if I’m ever in need of legal assistance again, I got her number saved and she’ll be the first one I’ll call!”

-Previous Client, August 2018, via Avvo.com